Loan Application

  • Consult Eastwood Securities to determine your client’s exact loan requirements and borrowing capacity.
  • Prepare an Eastwood Securities Loan application.
  • Submit the application to Eastwood Securities.
  • Your application should include our signed Privacy Consent and personal identification.
  • Eastwood Securities will review your clients application.
  • An indicative Loan Offer is prepared (including any additional information required). If the Loan Offer is acceptable, it needs to be signed and returned with payment of a small commitment fee.
  • Security property is valued and the loan offer confirmed if the valuation meets Eastwood Securities’ requirements.
  • Formal loan documentation is prepared for signing and proceeds to loan settlement.

If you would like to join our panel of referring brokers, please complete our broker accreditation application form, and talk to us about our upfront broker commission.

Should you have clients who are looking for short term mortgage loans, please complete our loan application form.