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Eastwood Securities Mortgage Fund takes a flexible approach to assessing borrower applications using an array of alternative documents to determine loan serviceability. Our credit team provide rapid loan processing enabling settlements faster than banks while achieving interest rates cheaper than caveat loans.

The Eastwood Securities product provides an extended service to that which most lenders provide. We find many of our applications Eastwood Securities loan approvals were issued only when the borrowers were declined by other non-bank Lenders.

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Information for
Your Borrowers

For borrowers who have not been able to gain their required finance from a bank lender, Eastwood Securities provides loans by matching investors (Private Lenders) with individual borrowers based on the nature of each loan and the security property …

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Loan Application

  • Consult Eastwood Securities to determine your client’s exact loan requirements and borrowing capacity.
  • Prepare an Eastwood Securities Loan application.
  • The application should include our signed Privacy Consent and personal identification.
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  • Initial feedback within hours – Brokers have ready access to Eastwood Securities staff to discuss all aspects of a loan scenario being investigated. This can be done by phone or email to suit the individuals preference…
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Eastwood Securities?

  • Commercial loans
  • Consumer loans
  • Private mortgage funds available
  • Non-conforming loans
  • Flexible view to low credit scores
  • Unusual income streams considered
  • Loan arrears acceptable
  • No doc and low doc lending
  • No lenders mortgage insurance (No LMI)
  • No exit fees
  • Asset secured lending
  • Loans for business, investment and personal
  • Difficult loans provided
  • Annual interest capitalised or interest paid monthly
  • Common-sense lending
  • Fast approvals
  • Fast settlements
  • All real property considered as security

We offer a range of first mortgage loans, equity mortgages and structured debt facilities to suit your needs. An equity mortgage will suit clients with equity in their property. Eastwood Securities can provide loan structures to borrowers who have been refused by banks and other lenders or for borrowers who do not have time to satisfy the red tape process. Our products can be provided for business use or consumer use. For business use we are able to provide Low Doc and/or No Doc loan facilities. For consumer use there will be a need to demonstrate that the loan is suitable to the borrower’s circumstances.

Eastwood Securities is an excellent option for Borrowers who have been turned away by traditional lenders.

The various types of loans provided by Eastwood Securities include:

  • Bridging finance
  • Refinance
  • Consumer loans (Code loans)
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Businesses under administration
  • Cash out
  • Commercial loans (Non-code loans)
  • Industrial loans
  • Investment loans
  • Loans for all property purchases
  • Business loans
  • Marital separation

The Eastwood Securities Mortgage Fund specialises in providing intermediate term loans and all loans provided are interest only. Intermediate term refers to typically six, twelve or twenty four months. Our intermediate term loans are often referred to as bridging finance, as they provide a borrower with funds for a period during which the borrower is able to complete a specific business task and either pay-out their loan or move on to an alternative source of funding.

Eastwood Securities lends to businesses and individuals Australia wide.

Poor Credit

Unlike other Mortgage Lenders who rely heavily on a credit scoring system, Eastwood Securities has the flexibility to take a more balanced view of a poor credit rating.

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  • Bridging Loans – Commercial
  • Bridging Loans – Personal
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Loans for
Distressed Businesses

Business lending can be difficult enough without the added pressure of having a poor business credit rating. At Eastwood Securities we acknowledge that the following situations can impact negatively on the day to day activities of your business leaving you with a poor credit rating…

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Become a Referral Partner

To become a Referral Partner just download our simple broker accreditation application form , provide the requested information about your business and email it to One of our staff will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your accreditation.