Loans for
Distressed Businesses

Business lending can be difficult enough without the added pressure of having a poor business credit rating. At Eastwood Securities we acknowledge that the following situations can impact negatively on the day to day activities of your business leaving you with a poor credit rating:

  • Tax debt
  • Growth in working capital requirements
  • Outstanding debtors and debt collection problems

Businesses with poor credit can be helped.

We can provide mortgage backed funds to allow you the time to financially repair your business and we endeavour to secure these funds as quickly as possible. Not only is restoring your credit rating important, so is your peace of mind. Once your mortgage backed funds are in place, you can concentrate on rebuilding the financial health of your business and regaining the trust of everyone you deal with.

If your business is struggling under debts that you cannot meet on time, Eastwood Securities may be able to provide a loan secured by a mortgage over your property enabling you to take advantage of equity in that property to consolidate your debt.

Many Receiver Managers view a refinancing favourably if it provides an opportunity for the business to “trade on” successfully. Contact us to discuss your options.

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