New product launch – “Relief Bridging Loans for Business”

The current economic challenge has led Eastwood Securities to launch a new short-term lending product that has been designed specifically to address the pressures and demands placed on small businesses in the current market.  The new Eastwood Securities product, “Relief Bridging Loans for Business”, is targeted at new and existing business borrowers that have equity in property.  This capitalized, fixed interest facility is aimed at providing working capital for businesses that need liquidity during the next six to twelve months with an alleviation of monthly interest commitments.  Loan terms generally range from a minimum of six months to a maximum of twelve months, but there is flexibility to work outside those terms on an individual loan basis.  This loan facility is available to all small business customers whether city based or regional and from any business discipline.

With our flexible and rapid loan application and review process we can provide funding to eligible borrowers in a timely manner minimizing cashflow risk to those businesses.  If a business owns or has access to real property with significant equity available and there is a viable exit strategy at loan term, Eastwood Securities will be able to assist.  Furthermore, if a business has multiple loans (secured or unsecured) Eastwood Securities can consolidate that debt making overall debt servicing more manageable.

Capitalised interest loans have always been an effective form of bridging finance for businesses with short term diminished cashflows.  There has been no greater example of when such facilities provide value, than what we are experiencing in this current extraordinary climate.  With the planned level of government support being provided to both small business and individuals, many are now projecting a more rapid recovery from the current situation once the worst has passed, enabling businesses to plan with greater confidence.