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Bad Credit Mortgages

Unlike other Mortgage Lenders who rely heavily on a credit scoring system, Eastwood Securities has the flexibility to take a more balanced view of a bad credit rating. We understand there can be many reasons for a poor credit history. Some of these reasons are:

Therefore, we base our decision to lend on ‘bad credit mortgages’ on individual circumstances and look at the reasons behind a bad credit rating to make a common sense assessment, taking into account the Borrowers present and future position.
Once we understand the issues we work on providing secured funding to assist with restoring the Borrows credit rating. Contact us to discuss your bad credit mortgage options.


This information refers to mortgages facilitated by the Eastwood Securities Mortgage Fund ARSN 146 451 792. Any person seeking to apply for a loan should contact the manager of the fund Eastwood Securities Pty Ltd ACN 143 030 540 Australian Credit Licence 385467. Actual loans will be provided by Eastwood Securities Pty Ltd in its own right or under power of attorney by individual or multiple investors under a contributory mortgage. Loans provided for personal finance or investment may be subject to provisions under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth).