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For Borrowers

Eastwood Securities Pty Ltd (ACN 143 030 540 and Australian Credit License No. 385 467) is a market leader in Private Mortgage products across Australia. Eastwood Securities provides borrowers both Code Loans (Consumer lending) and Non-Code Loans (Commercial lending).

Why Eastwood Securities?

  • Commercial loans
  • Consumer loans
  • Private mortgage funds available
  • Non-conforming loans
  • Bad credit acceptable
  • Unusual income streams considered
  • Loan arrears acceptable
  • No doc and low doc lending
  • No lenders mortgage insurance (No LMI)
  • No exit fees
  • Asset secured lending
  • Loans for business, investment and personal
  • Difficult loans provided
  • Annual interest capitalised or interest paid monthly
  • Common sense lending
  • Fast approvals
  • Fast settlements
  • All real property considered as security

We offer a range of first mortgage loans, equity mortgages and structured debt facilities to suit your needs.  An equity mortgage will suit clients with equity in their property.  Eastwood Securities can provide loan structures to borrowers who have been refused by banks and other lenders or for borrowers who do not have time to satisfy the red tape process. Our products can be provided for business use or consumer use. For business use we are able to provide Low Doc and/or No Doc loan facilities.  For consumer use there will be a need to demonstrate that the loan is suitable to the borrower’s circumstances.

Eastwood Securities is an excellent option for Borrowers who have been turned away by traditional lenders.

The various types of loans provided by Eastwood Securities include:

  • Bridging finance
  • Refinance
  • Consumer loans (Code loans)
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Bankruptcy/Liquidation
  • Cash out
  • Commercial loans (Non-code loans)
  • Industrial loans
  • Investment loans
  • Loans for all property purchases
  • Business loans
  • Marital separation

Eastwood Securities is not a broker.  We are the lender.  As a Private Mortgage lender Eastwood Securities is not constrained by cumbersome processes.   As a private Mortgage Funds Manager we are flexible in meeting the needs of our introducing brokers and their clients.  We are able to provide a much quicker response and provide quick solutions to Borrower requirements than traditional lenders.

Our flexibility allows us to issue NCCP regulated (Code) loans on a common sense basis (Low Doc included) providing at all times that we are able to demonstrate that the loan is not “unsuitable” to the clients requirements.

Non Code loans can be provided on a Low Doc and No Doc basis.  Interest can be capitalised and prepaid or paid monthly.

There are no ongoing fees on our loans and we do not charge EXIT fees.

First Mortgage funding tailored to your needs.  People previously referred to our style of funding as “solicitors funds”.

A verbal approval can be given over the phone and an indicative Letter of Offer is issued within 24 hours. We guarantee a rapid and easy turnaround once all information required is provided by you.  The accuracy of information and speed with which it is provided by you to Eastwood Securities will directly affect the time it takes to settle a loan.

Eastwood Securities is a “Specialist Lender” that understands that not all borrowers are the same, so we focus on providing  loans to people who don’t tick all the usual boxes .  We assess each borrower’s unique circumstances, rather than basing our decision on a credit score.  That way we are able to offer you the best solution for your personal or business financial situation. At Eastwood Securities we specialise in difficult finance where recent poor credit history and loan arrears may be acceptable. We are a common sense lender.


This information refers to mortgages facilitated by the Eastwood Securities Mortgage Fund ARSN 146 451 792. Any person seeking to apply for a loan should contact the manager of the fund Eastwood Securities Pty Ltd ACN 143 030 540 Australian Credit Licence 385467. Actual loans will be provided by Eastwood Securities Pty Ltd in its own right or under power of attorney by individual or multiple investors under a contributory mortgage. Loans provided for personal finance or investment may be subject to provisions under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth).