Common sense loans after change in job security

A young couple with two children wished to make a lifestyle change. This meant selling their existing home in order to purchase another place much closer to their new place of employment and overall family and lifestyle changes.

Unfortunately their current bank plus all other traditional Conforming and Non-Conforming Lenders declined their home loan application for their new home. This was due to the uncertainties of the short and long term income capability of their new venture even though the couple had a solid previous and existing track record of good financial management with a sound loan repayment record and solid credit rating.

It was this historical background that led Eastwood Securities to provide their funding on the common sense understanding that the couple and their new venture were considered an acceptable risk. The couple therefore did not have to sell their existing home, remaining in the property market and were able to take advantage of their desire for a new business direction and family lifestyle.

Two years on and this couple have established a steady proven Income flow and have now restructured their finance thereby being granted a bank home loan.

Eastwood Securities were able to offer short term financial assistance which then resulted in a positive outcome for all.

Common sense loans