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Broker Enquiries Welcome

Eastwood Securities takes a flexible approach to assessing borrower applications using an array of alternative documents to determine loan serviceability.  Our credit team provide rapid loan processing enabling settlements faster than banks while achieving interest rates cheaper than caveat loans.

Eastwood Securities invites Finance Brokers to contact us to discuss loan scenarios.  Our credit committee has extensive experience with structuring loan solutions for your “credit impaired borrowers”.  Eastwood Securities takes a common sense approach to reviewing non conforming loan applications for Consumer and Commercial Credit.

We encourage brokers who believe Eastwood Securities might be able to help their  clients, to make contact with Eastwood Securities. It is usually possible to provide an indication of whether finance might be available or not, within 24 hours.

Information for Borrowers

Information for Your Borrowers

For borrowers who have not been able to gain their required finance from a bank lender, Eastwood Securities provides loans by matching investors (Private Lenders) with individual borrowers based on the nature of each loan and the security property being offered.  Some borrowers have poor credit records and may have defaulted on prior loans.  Eastwood operates through an existing network of finance brokers who assess your needs and provide us with a loan application for evaluation.

To discuss loan scenarios and debt structures for your borrowers, please call one of our credit team. We will provide you with a copy of our current application form and assist you with the compilation of all the information required to enable a decision regarding your applicant’s lending eligibility.

The Loan Application Process

If you would like to join our panel of referring brokers, please complete our broker accreditation form, and talk to us about our upfront broker commission.

Should you have clients who are looking for short term mortgaged loans, please complete our loan application form.